Yesterday I finally caved in to peer pressure and joined Facebook. Immediately, I find myself disappointed by its Groups feature. Frankly, it's nothing more than a huge mess, with a really bad signal-to-noise ratio. Many irresponsible kiddies create groups that are irrelevant and off-topic with respect to the group types. Why shall anybody suffer browsing through 300+ irrelevant groups just to find the proper ones about Ajax and Ruby on Rails? Stop the injustice!

If you feel the same as I do, you are welcome to take part in the protest and join the Facebook group I have created: Facebookers Against Irrelevant Facebook Groups.

How you can help the cause immediately:

  • Right now the group is missing a proper logo. When you join, feel free to use your creative talent and contribute by uploading a logo of your own creation.
  • Digg this story, or submit it to your favourite community news/bookmarking site. Please pay attention to proper categorisation.
  • Invite your Facebook friends.

Hopefully the group can grow into a large enough number to get the attention of the Facebook administrators.


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