I know. I have not blogged for a few months now. The same goes for most of my friends. It seems that being away from school does drain the very soul out of us. Everybody must be busy with something and has lost interest in blogging. Let me list some of the things you can be busy with:

  1. Aimless browsing of Facebook
  2. Ignoring the hundreds of Facebook requests that you get daily
  3. Spamming your friends with Facebook requests
  4. Playing a Facebook game
  5. Reading Digg, Reddit, Engadget, or Slashdot
  6. Starting/engaging in a flame war on one of the aforementioned sites
  7. boys/girls at the office
  8. your boss' hot secretary
  9. your boss/your boss' hot daughter
  10. game consoles (and games) for which you finally have the money
  11. overtime work
  12. cooking (because you are living on your own now)
  13. laundry (same reason as above)

Pretty much everyone has been slacking off as far as blogging goes, except Jawaad, Skrud, Spiro, and Kevin.

Hall of Shame:

  • Nadia - has not blogged at all for almost 2 whole years now;
  • Terry - lost his domain name to some domain squatter.

Eric is clever, updating his MSN Space with sets after sets of pictures instead of writing.

I know all of you must have made new friends. I have, too, even all the way in Japan. But gee, try to give sign of life from time to time and not forget about TSG and everybody else from Concordia.


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