Yesterday, my friend Jawaad showed me an interesting piece of ugly PHP code. I reiterated the fact that PHP sucks and that it remains trolling the web application development landscape only because a bunch of incompetent, self-proclaimed web development gurus are feeding it. I thought I should provide some evidence to support my claim, so here I present you a tip of the iceberg:


Notice how many groups are found in the above search, and notice how I have already filtered the results to the "Internet & Technology" category. I wonder how many more groups I can find in the "Computers & Hardware" and "Cyberculture" categories. A few pages later...


Now notice how I'm on page 6 of the search results. I have tried to look into the following pages of search results, just to make sure that I do not exaggerate. However, I got tired by the time I clicked to page 25. Now, get creative, interpolate, and extrapolate. If you don't believe me, do the search yourself. I'm not making this shit up.

These would be the same people who don't understand one of the simple rules in the etiquette of using support forums: "Search before you post a question!" In other words, these are just a bunch of wanna-be-web-developer kiddies.


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