After 4 years of blood, toil, tears, and sweat, (most of) my friends and I finally got our iron ring this Friday, March 24th. Having this special symbol of the engineer on the pinky feels great but it's also difficult to not notice its presence. For instance, washing your hands with the ring on really hurts because it's pointy and you rub it all over against your off-hand.

I'm not going to talk about the ceremony itself unless there is popular demand.

The evening of celebration was great. After the ceremony and the cocktail, our class of SOEN students went for dinner at La Cabane Grecque. Being part of a small program at university is great because we can go to a restaurant and celebrate with literally all of our classmates, plus some friends. We somehow got two TA's, Stu and Daniel, to join us. But then again, it's not so hard to invite Stu as long as we mention "alcohol" - just kidding.

After dinner, it was drinking and dancing at New Town. Ok, I'll admit it: SOEN guys are not the wildest dancers, with a few exceptions. In fact, the lounge was already packed with other engineering students, so ordering drinks was a feat in itself. In the end, it was more like chilling than dancing but none of us (the guys) seemed to mind. It was still cool though because Fareena joined us for a bit and we even dragged Ahmed to the club downstairs.

I'm getting a bit sleepy and I don't know what else to write for now. For pictures, please visit the gallery. (God, I look like such a retard when I smile while being drunk.) One of the TeamSuperGood members will post or has already posted a username and password on the SOEN 490 mailing list so you can also upload your pictures.


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