I figured my friends should not suffer too long for my depression; so in an attempt to find something hopefully interesting to talk about, I have decided to write about some of my leaving impressions as I'm graduating from Concordia in a few months.

The feature of this first post is the 7th floor of the Hall building, the so-called cafeteria. Any student who has been at the Hall building in the past 2 or 3 years must remember how horrible the place used to be. The tables were dirty, the microwaves were filthy and frequently out of order, and the chairs were so out of balance that just putting a jacket at the back of one would tumble it.

Last summer, renovation work started on the 7th floor, so we basically lost the cafeteria for a good period of time. Students were forced to eat at the little Tim Horton's snack shop, though they still provided microwave ovens. Renovation lasted until the end of Fall semester, when the 7th floor was gradually re-opened.

The change was enormous. Effective eating area got almost doubled, and there is even room with nice couches and low tables for students to chill at. We got all new tables and solid chairs, if only a bit awkward looking. For the moment, the tables and chairs are still clean. I hope Concordia keeps up with the maintenance.

Also, the renovation on the washrooms just finished around a week ago, though I must say that the washrooms of the 9th floor could have benefitted much more from a renovation.

At this point, something was still missing from the equation. I went to eat at the cafeteria two weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was a huge line up for two microwave ovens. Boy, was that amusing. I could not understand what was going on. Enlarging the cafeteria and then removing microwave ovens simply did not make sense. It turns out that we were getting 8 brand-new microwave ovens, in addition to the two old ones that were kept. These new ones even come with braille. I'm happy for the new students who get to enjoy the new facilities, but sorry for the graduating students who had to put up with a crappy cafeteria for the past 3 to 4 years.



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