I don't like many of my "fellow" students.

Among all Concordia students, the engineering and computer science guys are probably the filthiest. The men's washroom on the 8th floor of the Hall Building has a constant smell of pee and its toilets are full of toilet paper turds. Seriously, how hard is it to properly aim at and flush the urinals? And why won't the building management place a garbage can in the washroom so people don't have to throw litter everywhere? Isn't it less work than removing litter from the whole washroom?

Engineering and computer science students are also some of the noisiest people around Concordia. The difference in noise level between the 11th floor (where the economics people are) and the floor of engineering and computer science is incredible. Sometimes my team even has to retreat to the 11th floor to work because it is simply so much quieter, but then we get weird looks from the economics people. :?


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